Nicholas Tesla Smith has tragically taken his own life in the Whitelands. You are cordially invited to attend his funeral in the Swamp tonight.

A lot has happened between the day the Black Queen beckoned Nick to the Whiteland and when he was resurrected (today). Back from the dead with him, Nick brought the letters he and the Queen exchanged (available below) and the playlist filled with the songs they sang to each other while he was there fighting to complete three horrifying trials of the spirit.

Nick was resurrected the night before his funeral by the might of four Gray Family members (conversations not yet available) and a brutal fight at the Crossroads. When he came home, we naturally partied all night (first-hand accounts available above), and Nick came face-to-face with the woman who saved his life: You. It was a smashing affair held in the Backyard swamp strung with a thousand Christmas lights, an attendance of elephants, and the obligatory bonfire burning in it's belly.