On the second floor, there waits the unassuming and anonymous centerpiece of the House; a stone fountain surrounded by the giant leaves of fig and bamboo trees under the glow from cheap track lighting installations. The shiny faces from wishful pennies are blurred by the gently rippling water. The brownish-gray tile flooring is the same found in hundreds of public bathrooms and squeaks under your shoes through the Courtyard; the Gray Family homage to the Sherman Oaks Galleria, circa 1983.


The parameters of the Courtyard form a dodecagon, each of the 12 walls with numbered doors at their centers. 12 doors and none match in color or material or weight but only in measure; their own and their distance away from the next. These are the doors to the Clock of Bedrooms.


Check out the Gray House Guide & FAQ. Whether you're just curious to know more about how this experiment of ours works or you're seriously considering a subscription, it'll be a deeply informative read with an chance to submit more questions if you see that we've neglected to explain something.

Just subscribed? Wander aimlessly the House or find a more linear way to proceed by following the Your Involvement section of the FAQ.

The Gray House experiment is an arts and literature movement wherein fictional characters come to life online and interact with real people, together creating an addictive and darkly magical world of make-believe.

This is the headquarters of the fully-interactive role playing experiment. Made of many moving parts and no shortage of things to do, here you’ll find live updates, artistic prompts, and endless possibilities for collaboration with the fictional Gray Family, played live by Evelyn Waits and Rosie Room.

Gray House is an imaginary world of strange corridors and bottomless rabbit holes. Upon subscribing to the site, you’re pulled into a vast multimedia experience of the other 12 Gray Family members’ lives. This includes, but is not limited to games, audio recordings, visual art, letters, confessions, Spotify and Youtube playlists, narratives, poetry, dream records, memories, collections of data for consideration, dissertations on existence, and intimate conversations. 

Around every corner, you’re given the opportunity to contribute to the completely improvised stories being shaped into realities, as the 13th Gray Family member: Jack.

Subscribing means “coming home” to Gray House and engaging in a coup d’état against reality with us. You choose your own level of involvement, from silent bystander to earth mover or anything in between. There are no rules and no expectations but that you pretend you’re living with us, which we make easy to do with the immersive venue that is the new website.

Updated in real time, there’s always something new to experience and react to. You’re given a rich array of content and then prompted to write scenes, interact with the characters through text message and letters, submit ideas, journal your experience, solve mysteries, and make mixtapes. Whatever the Family inspires in you, you’re urged to create and given an avenue to do so.