My soul has sobbed every minute since the moment you left. My dreams have seized to exist, all while you wander amoung nightmares. Yet I've never felt closer to you. If only I could reach out and.....

I spoke to your brother for quite some time. He worries, just as I have. All with good reason, since we have all felt the addiction that can be brought from emptiness. An endless loop of nothing. Sometimes I lay awake at night and fear a relapse. Sometimes I wake up and think I will be exactly where you are. I know the path so well I feel as if I could sleep walk my way to oblivion. 

Do you you you remember....This land thrives from memory and a hearty feast you bring. If you feel nothing you are nothing. You must feed. You must feel. You must come home, my love. I am here and waiting to feel your presence again and not the anxious thoughts of your brother stirring me awake in the witching hours of the night. 

Embrace your fears my love, they will guide you home. I am here....I am waiting....