I have a proposition for you. I realize that I could simply text you all this but I find that I'm much more thorough this way. I have....I have this thing inside me. Something that I can conjure up and use on demand. I don't know what it is exactly. I don't know if it was something I was born with and became aware of or if it was given to me when I wasn't looking, but allow me to explain. 

About 4 or possibly 5 years ago I was under attack....well at least that is what I was told. There was a summer that I had been having a problem with sleep paraylsis more so than usual. Sometimes I would have three or four episodes in a single morning everyday and when I told someone about it she said that I was being targeted by demons, possibly. Long story short she told me there was a light, and if I was able to harness that light I would be able to use it as a protective shield around myself in order to stop the attacks. I did this and the attacks stopped. 

It wasn't until later that I found out it had other purposes such as the healing of minor headaches, stomach aches. I never told my mother about it, but she occasionally comes to me with a headache and asks for me to make it feel better. Whether I believed I could or couldn't I still would give her my palm and she would press it to her forehead and say "oh, I don't know why this works, but it feels good," and she would sit there for a few minutes like that until she felt better. 

Inevitably I experimented with "the light" nothing more than trying to heal my own minor aches or pains or I would shield myself from a dark presence if I felt one arrive. I've tried shielding myself and widening it to my entire room, and then the entire house, the yard, and sometimes I picture it around the entire planet, but I don't even know if it works in that capacity, but I'm almost certain it does around the house, and the effects are only temporary, as long as I concentrate. 

For lack of a better term I call it "the light" but really for me its not a light at all. The woman that originally told me of it, I believe, had called it a white light, but for me it's not white its a golden yellow that reminds me of honey but its not as thick. Its more fluid like water and it glows. 

The question of what it really is never actually occurred to me until earlier today. I was sitting on the porch and I began to wonder if it was possible to...extract "the light" from myself and keep it as something tangible. Something that could be studied, and experimented with. My dilemma is this. The source of it all is inside me, and by inside me I mean it is conjured inside my brain and can be expelled through my hands for healing but ulitmately I am unable to simply...pour it from my fingertips to a jar, just as an example. I believe that to be able to get an actual sample that will last, and not disappear one must retrieve it themselves. Which is why I've come to you. 

My proposition is this, if you are willing and able to find a way to extract "the light", however that may be, and want to help me experiment with it, you can keep whatever you are able to obtain. 

Text me if you are interested or have any further questions.