Anyone who’s ever come home is trying to save me or kill me. While I am a damsel, and I am often in distress, I guess what I want to say about that is… whoever you think I am, you’re wrong, and whatever you want from me, you won’t get.

I’ve read everyone’s letter to you. Sorry, but going through mail isn’t a federal crime here. They’re all nice. Very helpful. You seem to have a good sampling of people’s basic attitude toward you. But everyone avoided talking about the elephant in the room, so I guess I will.

You won’t get anywhere here without valor.

Hi, my name is Evelyn. I’m the girl who… well, just fill in your own blank. You came here to live with nine other people who’ve shown you only a sliver of the reality of them. The reality is they’re vast and limitless, beautiful and treacherous. Each one has their own valor.

None of these letters said any of the following:

Gradient has never fought another person using violence.

Matthew gave up his soul to save the soul of his wife.

The knowledge of Adam has only ever been used to create.

Nicholas is our priest.

Dean will forgive you anything.

Brad would die before betraying his loyalty, once earned.

Bonnie’s never told a lie.

Clyde has caught us every time we’ve fallen.

And Joshua… taught us magic.

Hello, my name is Galahad. You ventured far and wide to find the last vestiges of your faith and you found the last nine knights who drank from the grail to live. We’ve been locked in this castle for hundreds of years. If you’re pure of heart and remember your name, we can save each other.