I found myself collapsed in a nightmare, surrounded by the echos of a lovers scream. Everything I loved spiraled around me in a gut wrenching vortex of chaos, leaving me inevitably alone. Until I woke to your sleeping figure sprawled across your mattress and holding a near empty bottle, murmuring from the hold of your own dreams. Funny I don't remember drinking, yet I still feel bitter. 

I hear the wails of crows crying about a tresspasser and I can only believe its you. My brave Nicholas, I could smell your curiousity. I wait for you with a warning stained to my lips. The Whiteland is a hell of its own meant to suck your worst fears from your skull and feed them to you. A lesson everyone must learn. Be brave my love, for if you wish to see things through to the end. I'm afraid there's no turning back, and even I cannot save you from yourself. 

I will be here. Covering my eyes, my ears, my mouth, in a desperate attempt to escape, but still here. Ready to bare my shame, my guilt, my soul, all while starring like a starry eyed villain hungry for gore. I will be ready to carry your body home, and beg Matthew to ressurect you, and beg Brad to make me forget. Forgive me, I always anticipate the worst. 

All my love, 

P.s. I love you