In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. My last true confession has never occurred. 

Father, I have committed the mortal sin of lying to a receptical of the Lord, in the name of truth. I have given a partial confession of venial sins and taken false penitence under the context of mortal sins. 

I have denied God and his son, and placed my faith in the false teachings of hatred which originated in my belly, and used false faith to deny myself self truths. 

I despair the mercy of God, and have attempted to hide by sheltering amongst other faceless souls of purgatory. 

I have taken profane use of God’s name in my speech, in weak attempt to find blame anywhere else other than self. 

I have broken all vows to the promise of love; to myself and to those around me who have given their love. 

I have not honored the holy days by being inattentive and commiting a perpetual state of auto flagellation, because I have not been able to see past my own hands. 

I have neglected true prayer by only whispering blame and hatred and self pity in the name of Christ. 

I have been deceptive to those who have stood before me; those who have given their love and assistance and time. 

I have abused my own bodily health and considered suicide. I have been angry, envious, proud, manoulative, revengeful, conceited, ungrateful, and have not forgiven others nor myself. 

I have discrimated against others for pleasure and love of false vanity. I have not been chaste in my thought or my word. 

I have committed self sexual gratification and not used the sexual act of marriage only for procreation. 

I have stolen physical items, and lied about stealing and attempted to steal the attention of others. 

I have spoken ill of other people who care about me. I have spoken ill of myself. I have never told the truth, and denied the truth to myself. I have kept secrets and broken confidences. 

I have permitted the sexual and impure thoughts of one to whom I am unmarried. 

I have desired what belongs to those around me. I have wished ill on another. I have not been faithful to sacramental living and have not made my community stronger and holier. I have not contributed to the support of my home. 

I have denied my true self, out of fear.

I am sorry for these and all the sins of my past life. I firmly resolve, with your grace, to do penance and amend my life. Amen.

Nick's reply: 

Darling, that’s all Tuesday. You are not forgiven. 13 Our Fathers and that if it’ll make you feel better. Otherby, come back when you’ve got something real to give.