It was was winter. I remember there being like a chill but I couldn't actually feel it. It was dark outside, but the moon was so bright there was still the glow emanating through the overcast. There was a weird white van parked in the middle of the front yard with a guy in there. He was just there, waiting and he felt bad....I was walking through the front door and standing in the foyer and....I think it was Matthew was talking my coat and scolding me about something and seeming annoyed about something I did or didn't do. So I was standing there and then I collapsed and starting my understanding I was turning, into what idk. I dont even know if I was even me in the dream. But Matthew didn't have much of a reaction he just seemed even more he saw what was happening as an inconvienence but he started taking care of me anyway. Clyde was in the other room telling him what to do and briefly he came out as a Bitter. And then Matthew started feeding me, and just feeding me until I was myself again and I only knew I was myself when I was able to stand and speak again. It was morning by then, and the van was gone and that was it. The dream ended.