Mi Mari, mi dulce,

Everybody sick with something at some time, and nobody know that better than you, verdad? When I got my hands on you, the dips in your flesh is the protrusion of mine and we fit like that in any kind of weather. But in the cold, you insist on me just a little bit more and I think I like that. Oui, I remember. Je me souviens de ta bouche. Je me souviens de vos fossettes. Yes, I love.

How we got lost got a lot to do with bangs. Mi esposo say worlds end all the time and that’s it. We were in that old room in the hot and something go bang and now we’re reaching from across the universe to find that place again. The place where I pressed the flowers in that book. You ever find them? It’s the last one on the bottom shelf.

You never wanted me to explain something so much as Reality, that thing I’m always typing on about in the middle of the night and waking you up. I never did get that typewriter with the softer keys like you ask. Since you left, I never could. With you gone, it would be too damn quiet. The walls would start talking back.

The place your hair stick to your face with your cries and I tell you the way to disappear.

The binary exists to make sense of what we can see and not what we can smell. People say it’s genitalia, but a man has as many holes as woman. A woman has as many planes as a man. They say you only can have one body in your bed. Non, the two of us are not alone. I can tell that by the smell. You’re a young boy and an old woman and a listless alien come from the Closet World behind the one I’m looking at you from now. I’m a little girl and a rocketman and a punk afraid of his own shadow. We could be monogamous but then which part of you is the only one to which I should pledge my love, papiyon bèl mwen?

We are the Lovers, nobody and everybody y siempre. It means you are coming home soon and your boyfriend can’t tell you what to do. I said I’d take the light out myself and I mean that. Eat it up for you so I never go hungry again neither. Two birds, yeah.

Tu Maro