Re: Your Light Experiment

Of the 3 test subjects: The test plant formed a small bud overnight. It also appears to be healthy with no drying or yellowing of leaves. Some yellowing occurred on the control, which might mean I over-watered both, and the light prevented damage. The test mouse has gained 0.007 oz. in weight. The control exhibited no change. The test bacteria multiplied at a much greater rate than the control.

Of the light itself:

It's penetration of solid matter indicates that although it is visible, it is closer to a gamma ray. The implications are that it is a the radioactive emanation from atoms or cells present in your body, but testing the light itself for a source, atomic or cellular, yielded no results. Measuring it's frequency was also inconclusive, as my instrumentation was not equipped for it. 

When heated through the concentrated beam of the sun, the light altered color from gold to white, and then pale lavender.  When cooled again, color returned to normal. Further cooling had no effect on the quality or color.

Psychoreactivity appears to be present, but erratic. The light trembled during exposure to negative emotional stimuli, and swelled in mass when exposed to Happy Together by the Turtles. Vocal commands appeared to be ineffective in various languages.  

Chemical chromatography: Negative, and non-indicative.

Released light to inhale. Smelled sharp citrus, reeds, and faint zinc.

Personal effects: None noted thus far.  

Notes: While this is all interesting, nothing directed me to a clear understanding of the substance with which I'm dealing. The most interesting implications reside in the changes in the light when exposed to heat. I believe the color implies it actually changed frequency or chemical property, although its constituents are not known. 

Direct observation of the stuff was teasingly familiar, and I was made to recall the behavior of trapped dreams and wishes. I believe Grady may have a better understanding of it's origin, and has likely worked with it in the past. I have passed the prism on to him, and he will send you a message soon.