Sweetest ender of my life as I know it,

Thanks for that, firstly. Here I’ve been living my days in peace and silence and not had to cater to someone stomping their clumsy boots about in the courtyard and running into people. How you’ve liberated me. Howdy, I am Nicholas. Not that my name is one you’ll ever be using.

Gray House is my home and final resting place. I do imagine the same is true for the rest of the rats crawling the Earth, tho they know it not. This damned palace is full of nothing but the staring eyes of a hundred intellectuals and the spindly fingers of spiritual mad men with hopes to poke you out of existence or write your name all over history to pin you at the blame for things like the crucifixion. I remember you and what monies you’re owing me from the last life we met. You might say there’s someone come to collect something or other round every corner here.

From dawn to dawn is drunk only the finest confusion of identity, ate is the purest terror of all our secrets coming to light. The man who first said “Ignorance is bliss,” very literally lives within these walls and happened to be speaking on what the house done to him. He knew too much as we children do, all. Yeah, but the lot of us is trapped here with no possibility of escape, our screams never to be heard, the bliss of ignorance lost forever. I know sending this tortured cry into the night is one heartbreakingly pointless exercise and will do fuck all for our situation.

Course, that’s the only reason I am partaking.

Love always,

Nicholas, Room Four