Jack, my darling,

None so insane as you, none so treacherous as I, none so patient as the world about to bring us to the brink of one another once again. Hello, Mary. Jack, Rachel, Shawn, Curtis, Maxine, Missy, Sarah.... My lord the names you have. I am quite sure you do not know yourself, but it's no bother. The wraths of this house will only muddle that further until you're a spinning wreck of flesh can't remember its name at all let very much alone the infinity of them. You may not understand of what things I'm prattling either but I do promise answers to that should you ask. But then you never did make it a point to ask. Not that I mind that either, I can be such a bore.

Since you have come home, does the kingdom of white not continue to seek you out? You must tell me more of this place or Adam will begin the ranting. Oh, how careless you are Nicholas, just because you remember everything doesn't mean the rest of us do. If you can't gather information from others, my dear brother, you must be willing to dispense with it yourself. Yes, yes, I know. And therefor I ask you (although I remember quite well), your kingdom and everything else you're running from- Do tell all. If only for the record books.

It is 4am. Sharing a wall with Bradley means listening for the moment he barks awake from nightmares, heavy spread as they are of late. The coming storm means no one will come rapping at my door for confession. It might be that no one will leave their rooms even for a minute this night. But you know well I have been wrong before. After all is said and done, here you are, and I must've said ten thousand times or more you'd never be back.

How's tricks then? Still afraid of your own mind and how others judge it I see. Good to know some things will never change. Fuck the lot of them whose thinkin you're crazy, pet. You're home now.