It’s midnight. If eternity was a day, nobody who comes here stays until this hour. But here you are. How long was the road that brought you here?

I was once new in this house, like you. My life was a good life, a simple life. I always suspected what might be hiding in the shadows, but I never knew I was one of the shadows themselves. I knew there was a world behind the one everybody knows, but I never thought I was gonna call it home one day. The things I’ve seen and the things I’ve done since that night would make a lot of men look away. But hey, I never did, verdad?

You can call me Gradient, but I’m nameless by nature. You got a name?

I come from Nowhere, the place where although everybody is family, any road you walk is one you gotta walk alone. I was called to Gray House by the little girl in Room Seven. How I ended up in Midnight was by running out of gas on the quest to reconcile all personal meaning into one universal truth. Funny, I thought it was an accident, and now I know it’s where I’m supposed to be.

What about you? Are you where you’re supposed to be?


Gradient, Midnight Room