My love, 

Let me whisper the truth to you through the bars. Yes, it's true, the Whiteland smears my name across it's face and has claimed me as its own. Here I am the Queen, with a reputation as dark at the pupil of the rat you coddle in your sleep. I should have begged. I know that now, I should have sliced my hands from their wrists, stitched my lips closed, and buried my head into a pale of ice to keep you from walking straight into the belly of the beast. 

Ignorance has become my second nature. Though don't be fooled I am aware of all things. Always. The Whiteland is wicked, yes, welcome to my thoughts. I was once in your place you Must Not Forget. This place is pure at heart with cruel intentions of finding its purpose. For this place was never unholy until the devil himself was called to here and told to fuck me back to life. Until the day I left he had ruled here, turning my isolation into his playground. He would bring me such beautiful creatures and I would watch them die slowly, and how could I ever love again? Easy, I have a soft spot for sacrifice and he never let me forget it. Never. Oh, what wouldn't love do...

You will see home again, my love. I've promised too many times, but never enough. You will make it home, but that is not up to me. This place will try to break you and I will simply watch you, hold you, love you, and pray you want to stay alive. It's all I can do. I am here. I am waiting. This will all make sense in the end. 

I love you,