Whoever you are, look, it’s like nobody remembers what the fuck we thought we were doing here but somewhere last year all the rooms got cold. you know people are always coming and going and shit and so we’re used to that and so that’s not why we’re all so bitter now, it’s more than that. I see everybody writing letters about how the house works in these vague terms and being so inviting and stuff and thats great really but  i stared at this blank page a long time and i thought i should take this little space i get to tell you the truth you know cuz maybe its too hard for everybody else or they think you won’t care or whatever. maybe you won’t care but who the fuck am i to assume that? Yeah, so where we’re at is that we been living in this house most of us for almost twenty years and there’s shit going on you can’t even fucking fathom. anyway last summer my EX-wife came back home after ditching me for a long time and she was up to all her old tricks and i realized i didn’t love her anyway. Me and bonnie got married and we all started to remember about the garden of eden and we fucked like rabbits. about  the same time, joshua had just come home and bonnie was talking to him and they found out they were both toys and she started thinking he was this guy she sorta dreamed about a lot before and he was like yeah, that’s me, but then he would act totally different than the guy she was talking about. so long story short evie killed him and we all ended up not believing in magic anymore. my EX-wife ditched me for the last time and her brother came home after being at war awhile and he married evie. What i’m trying to tell you is that we just got back from hell and i for one think it’s important you understand this cuz what if you actually stay here, you know? You could. It’s fuckin possible ok i know it is cuz look around. We all made it. We say nobody can live through us but us but somebody else is bound to sooner or later right? keep it simple stupid loose lips sink ships

-Brad, Room Six