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Regarding the sitemap and the purposes for the website's setup

We, the Gray Family, don’t really believe there’s a difference between our categories. All playlists could be considered confessions, all dreams are memories of past lives, all secret worlds come with their own philosophies and that relationship is just the definition of mythology. Everything in Gray House, without exception, could be said to be a game of identity. Let’s be real, literature is visual art because you experience it with your eyes. This categorical arrangement of things is just a lot of blurry lines to give the impression of organization in the dense collision of meaning and experience that we have to sift through in this House. To try and explain the otherwise unexplainable. To put any words we can find onto the magic we touch every day. Enjoy, but don’t be afraid to get lost.


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You can take our categories and tags with a grain of salt or try to more specifically define them for yourself. Either way, it’s important to note that all the content on the site (past and present) is sorted differently in the Library. There, you’ll find posts connected by story line. That’ll be a shelf for Rosie and Brad’s Nightmare on Elm Street adventures, John and Grady’s necromantic shenanigans, or Clyde’s attempt to make us all rewrite the Holy Bible, for example.

Everything posted on the site is part of its own serial of posts that are novels taking form. The posts themselves and their orders and placements will change as the scenery shifts with the knowledge we get from interacting with each other. The building of our magical world and its documentation is all happening live. The Laboratory is where the seeds are sown of everything we live and create simultaneous, our bedrooms where it’s all fed and grows, and the Library is where the harvests begin.