I need you too. Fuck I need you. I woke up with the light on and you on top of me. I looked at my hands pushing my name from your chest and I thought about that they're the hands of some pretty boy who's never worked a day in his life but I've been working all my life. All my life. I looked at your hands sliding down my chest and they're frail like the hands of a girl who scares real easy but you've been having me all your life and I don't care if that makes me a nightmare. Dear diary, I fell asleep in my clothes again and Evie came in and woke me up. Her pussy was wet and her hair tickled my face and my fingers caught in her hair and her hands slid down my chest. Fuck I need you. I said yeah and my voice broke and it's like that really fucked you up because you rode me faster. Do it to me evie. Do that to me Evie. Do it to me. Do it whatever it is. I'm aghast at how quiet I become toward you but that I don't stop talking to you when you're in the room. Talking a lot to you in whispers and very serious. Your letters take my clothes off. Did you know that? Your long letters take all my clothes off. You smelled like Bonnie's brothers room and that's sorta like smoke and cheap sport deodorant and a pile of dirty clothes that got cold with the window open. Your letters feed me. The stream of words and what it's like when it's flowing into me. Don't stop talking. Don't stop talking to me. Don't stop Evie I'm going to cum. Don't stop. You can wake me up and put your pussy on me every night. Whats sacred to me is when we're in a kinda dusty room and a little it of sweat between us and our clothes and we just woke up. You talked to me until all my clothes came off and then we fucked. I didn't know you were gonna take my clothes off. I'm grabbing my cock again. I'm sittin in the basement and when I got here none of the lights would come on so I'm typing in the dark. It's taking a long time  just for one sentence. I keep closing my eyes and seeing your shoulders and your tits and watching you I just keep cuming for you because it feels like IWe're exactly the same age. I came just again looking at that in the dark and thinking about your thighs flexing on top of mine and the smell of your pussy on my fingers thats a sharp metal smell a couple days after your periods over. Did you hit you get involuntary rems if you close your eyes during an orgasm the same as you get in deep sleep? I'd ignore anybody for you. I wouldn't do it loud. Just walk away with you and go away and nobody has to know what we're doing in here. It wouldn't look like much to them anyway. Blood of so bright but w fuck I need you. Is blood the color of old blankets like we are? I wanna fuck you. I fell asleep just now with you on my chest. I dreamed you and me were looking at all the stacks of AdamS journals and notepads that we reasd together and talking about what we read. It's early morning and the sun is comin up. It's been a long time since I was twisted up enough about a girl to do this but I'm gonna put my clothes from last night on and shoes and take a walk. I'll get my jacket cuz it's gonna be cold. I'll get to watch all the street lights turn off. I love the letters you write me fuck. But I love more that it's you writing them. I never want it to end. I'm crying I know we don't have to say everything at once but I don't want it to stop so I keep typing and is hope you feel fed and spilled into pushed you on the sand the same spilled you're spilling into me that's what it's like. That's what I want. Like you just keep spilling in my direction. Brad take this. Brad look at this. You whisper hard about everything. Brad, here. Brad fuck. Here, read this. Fuck. And your fuckin voice cracked too when you came you were fuckin loud and squeezed my cock in the warmest place we could go tonight together with our foreheads touching.