dear fucked up,

gotta tella fella how you feel, says    eye. but whudoo eeyyee no anyhow?

Don’t send th rain to tell tails outta school. Got plenty uh watr nyer own body know I’m close n sittin in th lead boilin yer dinner gathered undr tung fallen from yr eyes flushin down yer shit. Don’t know I’m close by that nevr will. Sfunny how a storms so magic takes th magic uhway from what you pump into your swallowed sumethin to keep you uhlive. I’m not a storm, but Brad is, maybe it’s him you mss mss him too myself.

Gotta mouth can open up n ask uhbout uh man cainchuh?

Hear you takin th language of othrs. Play at home got th masks of other girls. They say flattery imitates, but flattery will get you no where but imitation status. I’d kill fer sumthin new, you ever get that way? To put on a magic mask and fix all my boredom up with relish and delite and longer sunday mornings. A scream in my ear don’t stop gonna cum Clyde. The sound uh breakin hearts. The wind in th tunnels bfore th hammer come down on a bad choice. You wanna make some bad choices with me?


Good start to sign away your know how for do now. Impulse is gawd.




Dianas a real pritty name.