what is there is only what the lightglintz. parenthetically jack can’t see inthdark and a glass can only spill what it contains.       goliath golightly. this is not a drill. switches gettin flipt earths gettin leveled planes goin down evies gettin married. a man’s gotta do, sarge, what a man’s gotta do.

this is real simple. teyems real simple runs like an engine gotta beat like uh heart everythud pumpin radiation over th desert. match in the gas tank. they say its bad for you say it ain’t possible even at 88mph but great scott I got me infinite lives and two tails sniffing th air over area fiftyone. And I know you know just what I mean, Doc.

the memory (nv/r) lies

th angels revolt. Who are we but the ill-conceived perceivers of the passage of time? If all we can remember is what the light touches, we don’t even know our own names. so much time so littletodo. but no one has tried yet to dance to the end of it to drown ships in the sea of it to drag its body back home n gut th dinner from it serv it to our children. to wait is to bcum a holy ticking tocking emblem of your love but if you think all what we got to do about time is witness its passing we’re all deadinth ether. if jack can’t lead this revolt we

it’s like the dummy sez                   There are three ingredients to time.


today n





father can you hear me?

Your arms, long as the eons you pass over to become Tadpole, the Rapist, Shrivel, Scourge, and finally, Man. In a single stretch, you know your imminence and your extinction. If anyone can hear this prayer, it’s you, Father Time. I kneel before you with a wish for your attention and understanding.

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

because of the angels

slegna eht fo esuaceb

bmeactacuhsien otfh tehgea asntgaenlks

evrytime th bomb goes awf

shawk to th hart clear fox comes running out th woods clear eyes bright can smell th dangr of united states clear government gonna make our clear hearts new. the blast will clear reset us, neutralize clear the landscape, call the boys clear back home. clyde i said CLEAR

boom         boom

bradarb energizes, yanks th plug out n whirlpool we float hybrids down th drainuh modern love. there won’t be uh nextime teatime lifetime time to go.