Eight lights out in the whole building make a shape like a shark. Seven doesn't wear a watch but knows she's on time. Six minutes go quiet till the bell rings and

Puked on my desk

Medic brought me green cold filing cabinet rest cot swathed call my mom get the bullet out this ones nawt gonna make it

Infirmary crawlin moans of fallen dogeball players and the sobs of the unbelieved. This nurse with her heels together tells me son you don't look right and what'd yer mother feed you fer breakfast? Look here I'm ok lemme go I got math

Iodine smear hissing stung twitch knees a call from the tin speaker over la vang basilica. Soir de Paris on the wind of our savior every savior with long seams down the back of her stockings. Guts turn n tangle on the ground splat huck I'm sorry. I'll never see my home again, I know that much is true. Hold your hair back honey keep from makin so muchofuhmess