Hi. I see you around a lot and I was wondering if you see me. Sometimes I see things that aren't there and so you could be something like that. I'm writing this note so I can give it to you and find out. I saw you once in the lunchroom. You were with this guy and this chick. I don't know who they are because I don't go here. Do you know Bonnie? She has a red hair, wears dark clothes, has all these books about witchcraft, she likes Tool and Tori Amos, she hangs out with these weird guys, she's kinda mysterious and her eyes are really intense. I think I heard your name around so maybe you're real or it could be thats a dream like everything else. If you know Bonnie maybe that's where I know you from. You can't exactly write me back so if you exist you could say my name and I'll show up. That sounds crazy but just do it okay?