midnite untie

swept sun n got that dust from th last can all ovr th doornob

midnite oil

old bones tock. haunches got color but luck runs out. luck runs out n leaves work ta be done.  cables ta saw. no what’s bettr than uh harbinger? chicken done crossd that road.

space angel

chalk it up

lite uh candle

balance uh th whole damn shithouse iz in yr handz cum augist

herd sumwherez yew could hold th nose of uh plane on th enduh yr fingr that true?



got a guy eye no cn press his eer to the ground heer a train cum. big injun fucker.

ask him nyc an heel prolly tell yew where th won got away tew.

go fast down those toreup lengths uh hiway teh fynd yr wings

eye fuckin hate tea, dont yew?



can play at that game

All mysteries of the heart become spoiled rotten behind the tissues therein. give it sum time like th mayo out on july 4th tablefly

where he stops nobuddy knows

put yr munnie there

dottr down


You could blow yr nose in yr hand and get more out of it than you will that damn tv you won’t tern awph. yeahyeahyeahbutyougotbettygrableproblemsyeahyeahyoullworkitout






swinglowolgniws eye found sumthin uh yrz. reel big. reel unwelcum thing. make uh fox jump kinda thing. bloody sharptoothd getyr gun typa thing. hope that watr don’t rise, man uh war. don’t ferget them watr wings neethr.



yr futurs naht yr businss, vampire.



gemini critical hit critical hit critical hit critical hit

block block cast heal party critical hit.

gold-plated n unopened mint condition signed copy

gotim gotim gotim gotim needim gotim needim gotim gotim gotim

almost had a whole set myself once,

but th old man threw em out on a bender won nite

wachyrself, flank attack critical hit gemini



wutevr yew dew









Samez evr bonnie blue:

yew fall eye watch

yew run eye catch

yew go eye go

yew cry eye cry

yew cuht eye bleeeeeed

yew hyd eye seek


got th saym eyes, evrybudy knowzit. wat yew think there thinkin, lookin into yrs? yew think they no wat yew c?


kiss kiss



watch fer me in th blayz. look fer me in th towr. pray fer me on yr nees. switch iz awf.



hiya switch,

When I was a rich man, my workers ranted I paid too little. When all the horses died to pay them their due penny, I let the men watch it happen. Starv uh littluh this rape uh littluh that, yew nevr know where yr extraextra cum from.

Form an alliance with th parts of yrself that can’t beg. Kill off th parts that strike. Strike the beggars in their borrows. Blue iz th color. Righteous is the call.




fuck more dead grlz gud fer th soul shoulda been uh bumper sticker man

eye know

hollow portraits hollow hosts the light greens the bayonettes are spilling lace cloth undr th dinner gold. I hope you know where the gentlr demon iz gift. Girls love gifts. Live ones. Heart and maiden chime you, ringing devil, charm you. Hasten if you smell copper.

tuck th flower hardhanded uhwaylong wait for her






Now that you know it’s nowhere, what’s to stop you coming home?


To arrange for your life, bring playing cards. For your death, a plan to live. aint nobuddy gawt teyem fuhdat.

step intothlight this is not your ledge to swing out scream pirate lynch yrself silly go up uh wall. I remembr yr name now it’s yr tern.

why are you th reason fer th lines inth road?