writin about bonnie’s cunt means sleepin by myself in a old sheet whipped ghost thin on rocks too close to the tide.  wreckin myself there night after night and wishin something come loose from me cut soft edge diamond sharp fallin with sploshes in th salt her thighs spill licked on my palm darrrrk brown beg me there.

push spring swollen purpling th head of me against where she opins the mouth i don’t have puckers inward muscles tight.  she’s shy and don’t want me to slip her the tongue in our frst moment of a kiss this of mine and that of hers. once i’m in that far, little bitch changes her mind.

no clyde nope i’m a nice girl no way and i get the head all the way in, she’s all smiles holding on too tight don’t clyde don’t go oh clyde baby don’t leave. pulls me, pulls me in.

yeah, i can stay babe i can stay if you want i can live here just let me in bonnie, show me where your room is, take me all the way up th stares and i keep going, puttin it in. and she changes her fuckin mind again. i don’t have room, i don’t have the room, clyde, i can’t fucking take it i can’t stand you clyde and she’s handing me my coat and i’m beggin her all the way back to the door to a last kiss.  i don’t got anywhere else to go, babe. come on bonnie, i don’t got nowhere else to go maybe go slow enough with the last kiss, pushin against that mouth, she lets me back in.

got a question.  what’s the diffrence between your favrite pussy and your grave?

insyde her it was spring and i felt the pull of it to be one thing where adam was in the yard. i had my cock out but i stopped the window to see him walk to the bayou naked.

ask me where i am and the answer is always gonna be i was inside bonnie and…

gomorrah was burning.

cairo was burning.

london was burning.

there were riots in chicago.

a plane was crashing in Clear Lake.

the earth has it’s blitzkrieg and we have ours.