R: You should never have kissed me.

G: Why?

R: I don't know. That sentence just keep going over and over in my head. You should never have kissed me. And then.. "It's been so long since such a brave boy fell in love." and then.. You should never have kissed me. And then.. the lyrics again. I think in lyrics sometimes. It's annoying.

G: L isn't your name.

R: No?

G: No.

R: You wanna tell me what it is?

G: Liluti. The lily.

R: Yeah.

G: You told me it was L.

R: I feel like it is. I don't know. Yes. My name is Lily. That. Is my name. I'm sorry I said it was L. That's. Just what feels like me the most.

G: Liluti the Nightblooming. Graysong. The Voice in the Fog. Siren.

R: Yeah.

G: Shipwrecker

R: Yeah.

G: Mistress of Tears was one too. Always thought that was dramatic. Sleepwalker. Wakeful.

R: Yeah.

G: Nightshade.

R: Sister Midnight. But that's just one my brother gave me.

G: Sister Midnight. Daughter of the Aegis

R: Yeah.

G: Ask me which is my favorite.

R: Which is your favorite?

G: L

R: I'm glad.

G: I want to be George for you, L.

R: You are.

G: George will slip off sometimes. Sleepwalker. Snakeinthegrass. Interloper. Lwa. Legba. Devil boy. Snakecharmer. Voodoo Child, for Chrissakes.

R: I know about that. I know all about that, George. I know who you are.

G: George is who adds the letters to the L.

R: What do you mean?

G: George is the one who adds the o and the v and the e to your L.

R: Yeah. That's right.

G: Just me.

R: I told you first that the name I like best is Love. That's true. But it isn't all I am. I have an identity. L. Singular. Always aLone.

G: Now that's just not true.

R: You're about to be cute. I know about you. You stop right there. George. The fact that you're not in love with me and never will be makes me have to be.. Something. I can't put my finger on it. Makes me have to be..

G: God damn L, quit saying you know me and let me surprise you.

R: Surprise me, Georgie.

G: I love you. I was going to tell you on the tower but I'm getting the idea we won't make it there.

R: Why would you do that to me?

G: Do what to you? I've been trying to...I can't get it out with this list.

R: Fucking Lists

What am n

I did this to you. I push, it's all I fucking know how to od/


G: If it's all the same to you, hermosa, Tracy did this to me.

R: Tracy?

G: Yeah.

R: hi



G: She made me so angry.

R: She made yoiu so nangy that you fell in love me?

in love with me?

G: Are you alright?

R: She made you so angry that you fell in love with me? How?

G: She came down and kicked me in the gut. No reason at all for her, just for fun.

R: Go on.

G: She says all these things about...not trusting me. L, I'm a good man. I work fucking hard to be a good man. And I get shit like that from....Women. Like her. She's like Ana was, a little. She's like Tracy was before. She...hasn't changed much. Still the same, like you said. In all the worst ways. And you. You. LOVE. Her. You LOVE her.

R: Yeah, I do.

G: Your husband, I understand. I don't understand her. I started thinking all these crazy things. How she would hurt you like she hurt Adam. I could keep you from that, I could. I could take you away on my bike, we never have to come back. She could be just yours, Georgie. What kind of thought is that? You love people unconditionally. Who deserves that? Maybe a fallen angel. Maybe a killer like Brad. Maybe. That isn't for me to say. Does she? Not to me. To me, she's spoiled. And you love her. And that should me mine. What the fuck is wrong with you George. You're jealous. You're JEALOUS. Why? You don't love her. You don't... And I thought about her telling you we were in bed together this morning and I got....scared to death.

R: I don't know what to say.

G: I guess I should tell you, "You don't have to believe me, or even say it back."

R: I said that to you.

G: yes

R: I meant that. I would have liked to have proven that to you.

G: I can take it back if you want. Erase your memory.

R: Can you?

G: Not so hard.

R: I made a promise to myself. That anyone who told me they loved me, I would never doubt. Not again. Never again.

G: So you don't doubt me?

R:I find myself wanting to. I'm comfortable not believing anyone can love me like I love them. But I think about..What you called me. And maybe you didn't love me then, that doesn't matter. It felt like you did.

G: I think I have all along. Does this mean you won't write me letters?

R: Why would it mean that?

G: Does it mean we aren't going out tonight?

R: Why would it mean that?

G: Can we still?

R: George. You just told me you love me.

G: Yes.

R: We're going out tonight.

G: Meet me here then.

R: Okay.

G: I'm going to get dressed.

R: Okay. I'm going to as well.

G: L, I'm glad you said yes.

R: George. You've never loved me. You love me. Now. George, what the fuck? I'm soryr

I'm sorry.

Just say it like one more time.

G: I've said it 8 more times and I keep not. I love you. Now.

R: In love. Not like.. "Love ya, pal.", right?

G: Love, I am in love with you. I'm going to whisper it in your ear all night long while you sleep.

R: I believe you. I believe you. I'm going. I;'m getting dressed. We're going.