Gray Family Dream Journal - Month of June 2018

6/2/18: I was at a picnic with Grady and Rosie, and our families were there. In a second part of the dream, I was on the run with Jack in a hotel room. - E

6/2/18: Me and Evie and my whole family were visiting a Night Pantz shoot in New York. We met this guy who was cosplaying as Elmo. The whole group of us had to stop somewhere to find a bathroom and there was only this weird one that was open in the corner of an alleyway. It was disgusting and small and my sister went to pee in the bathroom down these creepy stairs from that one. I had to crouch and no matter what I did I couldn’t pee. I told my sister about it when we were leaving and she said the same thing happened to her. It had never happened to either of us before.

On the subway on the way back, I was chewing on my St. Vitus medal like I sometimes do but it was like brass and soft and I bit part of it off and I was really upset because there’s no way to fix that.

Some blonde girl was going to get gang fucked by three guys. It was quiet like a video with no sound. -R

6/4/18: Rosie was trying to show me different foods could make music. We were inside of a place I think would be like what it feels like to be inside an old and ornate picture frame, or maybe a kind of stationary. -D

6/11/18: I had dreamed of the roller coaster at Coney Island. -M

6/14/18: I wanted to fly. I lifted my arms and desperately stretched my fingers towards the burning blue sky, as if I could pull it closer. My stayed rooted to the earth. A bevy of swans wandered across the yard before me, staring at me with judgemental black eyes. I asked them, "how do you fly? How do you grow your wings?" They laughed at me in horrible trumpeting voices. "You don't deserve to fly," the leader said. "You flew your wings away." I didn't mean to lunge. I didn't mean to wrap my hands around her long, perfect throat. But as the other swans trumpeted screams and fled, I kept squeezing. I squeezed until I felt the splinter of hollow bones, and she fell limp in my hands. I woke up with my arms goosebumped and pin-prickled. My hands are bruised. I still can't fly. -Jack

6/15/18: I went out to the yard for prime cricket listening time. Before I could sit down at the table, I heard a scratching, snuffly sound. A dog—huge, brown, dirty—dug up the swan j buried yesterday. It spat out a mouthful of feathers and rotting meat. Old blood stained its muzzle. I stood up as tall as I could, slapping my palms together and yelling. I was trying to scare it off, but it only turned to look at me with terrifyingly intelligent eyes. It’s blurry who started to run first. I couldn’t run any faster in the dream than I can in real life, hip cramping and seizing, my knee burning. The dog hit me from behind, sending me sprawling onto the grass. I turned over, and his teeth snapped into my stomach, shredding cloth like paper, skin like cloth. I couldn’t draw breath to scream. Opened up, the dog pulled out a thick red organ, watching me as it gnawed. Fresh meat stained its muzzle with fresh blood. I woke up with crippling stomach pain. I’d only slept for about two hours, but I couldn’t get back to sleep the rest of the night. -Jack

6/16/18: I dreamed I killed Pennywise the clown and we were all relieved he had been killed. After he died, giant roses came down from the sky and I knew that Freddy wasn’t dead. -R

6/16/18: I went to see Adam in the junk shop and he had turned it into a tattoo parlor. I got a tattoo from him which was an anatomical heart. -E

6/18/18: I had dreamed I was able to draw designs with fire on the ground. -M

6/18/18: I dreamed I was at the airport waiting to fly to see Matthew. -Jack

6/20/18: I had a crazy dream where Clyde was in the bathroom and turning into a monster and that shit was not cute. -B

6/25/18: I had a dream Evie bought a lock for my office door and put it on and when it was locked we didn’t exist except to each other. -B

6/29/18: I dreamed I was in a cave suffocating and there were all these boys with me. I didn’t have my shoes and I was trying to get out. I found a way out through the back of the cave. -E

6/30/18: I dreamed Matthew was in the bad hotel room of the Overlook and that dead woman was telling him to shave her armpits. He was afraid to be there, and he seemed young. -E