Gray Family Dream Journal - Month of May 2018

5/4/18: The dream was dark but there were flashes of light and my father, who was with us, told me it was comets. Adam and Matthew were my brothers I think, we were all of 13. He told me it was comets and I was afraid. The others didn’t seem to mind. The woman Nell was there while we fished, from the film. -John

5/5/18: I dreamed about the house turning into other things. -D

5/10/18: There were candles in the Dragon’s house because the power went out. I couldn’t find all of them to blow them out because we were leaving. It was beautiful. -E

5/11/18: Tore my finger off like I had super strength, and it didn’t hurt. Made mi nina laugh and she popped it in her mouth like candy. -G

5/13/18: Drove somewhere cold to find Nicholas and bring him back from the dead ourselves.. Had a photo in the car with me and Rosie of a girl with black hair and high red boots. Told her I couldn’t tell if it was me or him. She asked me to tell her about the girl. I said she has an eating disorder and sings in a band. -E

5/15/18: I went to the Crossroads to ask Grady for something, but he told me I couldn’t have it no matter what I did because of who I am. He meant who I am in than what I’m made of is something really precious that will one day train to be a warrior. -R

5/14/18: On the island, with Rosie and Brad. There was a man there by a tub he said would induce labor. Rosie said to stay out of it. She was eating sushi. My mother was crying and she gave me a copy of So This Is Permanence and I was embarrassed to tell her I already had it. -E

5/14/18: I was alone on an empty tall ship. There was no way to steer it through a heavy mist. I kept pulling items out of my pockets which were of no value to me in navigation, like breath mints and an old paintbrush. -A

5/15/18: I was in the junk shop and I found a book about fairy tales that Brad wrote. I hid it so I could come back and find it. -E

5/15/18: I picked Evie up at her office, and inside the building there were no walls, it was dark but there were structures like toyland inside but with floating doors and tables. -R

5/16/18: Jack read the book and left notes which said everything was good except the things I wrote. -E

5/17/18: Brad was giving me a nightmare about being pregnant, and he said it was so I could feel the baby move. I was trying to get a pregnancy test from the junk shop. I woke up a lot because of it and I was in Clyde’s room, and then Adam’s, and then Rosie’s. Rosie says I sleepwalked. -E

5/17/18: I thought Evelyn had come to bother me while I was cutting down weeds in the yard. When I turned around to say hello, there was a stack of books arranged into the pattern of a standing tree. It was very beautiful. I’ve decided to build one. -

5/17/18: I had a pair of glasses that showed me what people were feeling without their say-so. I got famous being a doctor, like doctor phil. -G

5/17/18: I picked a booger and it was huge and turned into a bouncy-ball. I threw it really hard to see how far it would bounce, and it disappeared and Clyde said it went into the sun. I went back home and Nick said I got a thank-you card from the sun and I was really happy and I cried because it made me feel really special. Then something weird happened about the door hinges moving backwards and so everyone’s rooms were on the outside, like the house became a donut. -Joshua

5/19/18: I have written a note about this dream, which I’ve called The Flood. -N

5/20/18: I was in the junk shop again, except it now resembled more a mine. I was trying to make food for a party of people but I kept making mistakes. I gave up and went looking for something in the mine. It seemed like it was mostly easter eggs. -E

5/20/18: I could not find the source of very loud church bells which were making it impossible to think. I told Adam I was going to faint. He put on pink glasses, so I spit on him. -M

5/20/18: I was in this music classroom and I couldn’t fuckin breathe and the teacher was a real bitch telling me it was cuz I brought sand in with my shoes and told everybody i was dead to her and nobody should talk to me idk wtf. -b

5/20/18: Was in a red car with a girl claimin sainthood roberight skinshine love in all it’s treachery bloomin raindrop spitshot but she don’t knock knock. never could tell when i woke could still be


sleepin -c

5/23/18: I dreamed      was hurting me because of time traveling, and Clyde was reading me something he had written when he grew up. There was some problem because we time travel that I was scared he wouldn’t be     . Clyde said it would be alright. He said       would remember being    . He was speaking to me in German. A boy walked up that I knew was       grown up. He had black hair. -E

5/25/18: I had been interviewing Jack’s aunt and made her very jealous, as I believed her aunt to be famous. -M

5/26/18: I was circling in the courtyard, with a blue nylon school backpack that was extremely heavy. From the bag I pulled a overly large handful of sticks of gum. A few sticks fell to my floor and settled around my feet. The foil was silver, and the little white teeth of the wrappers were askew. I began sliding single pieces of gum under doors. I stopped in front of room nine, and lay down on the floor, my cheek pressed into the carpet. I began working the pieces under the thin crack. I could hear some of them slide further into the room. I stuffed the rest of the bag under the door and propped a few against the glass. The gum had created a backstop on the other side, but I had shoved hundreds of sticks; so many that they had become lodged and created a stacked wave upward and away from the door. Pink corner tips peeked out of crumpled foil. The air smelled sweet of pink bubble gum. -Jack

5/28/18: I was in a circular stadium with Rosie but I can’t remember what we were looking for. -E

5/28/18: I was in a circular mall looking for something with Evie and we were on the upper floors, looking down. -R

5/29/18: I had a nightmare about Adam and he was trying to get me to time travel with him to a time when I knew him and we were young.  I realized I’d known him all my life, and he’s always been in my life but hiding in plain sight. There were people wearing wolf masks. -E

5/30/18: I dreamed I found a bear, but I don’t know whose it was.  Inside was a place in Japan with a pirate flag, which was tied to a sword that was made of blue metal and we said it belonged to a pirate named Desmond, and only the pure of heart could wield it. -E

5/31/18: Jack and me and Rosie were somewhere, and Jack had his girlfriend with him. She was really nice and kept saying she wanted me to approve of their relationship. I wasn’t sure what she wanted from me and I told her that Jack’s never really been in love with me, he’s just thought he was before. It was really uncomfortable. Rosie asked me if I wanted to watch American Beauty and there was a whole scene that wasn’t in the movie where Caroline is sort of dead inside and fighting back tears and saying she spent the day puttering around the house and got a lot done. She was wearing a yellow cardigan. -E