To all members of cast and crew:

Due to breach of contract, Bacchanalia has been cancelled for it's final night. It is with regret that we the Studio have been forced to stop production.

The Studio wishes to extend our deepest apologies at this time. We seek to provide for all our family a safe and trustworthy work environment in keeping with union standards. It has come to our attention that members of this production have violated their nondisclosure agreements pursuant to lines 117 - 214 of their working contracts and have leaked sensitive content to the media.

Sets will be struck at dawn on July 13th, 2018, and you will submit any final bills to the Studio for payment before the last day of the month. If your scenes were scheduled for this day, you will not be asked to return to set, and these will be removed from the final portrayal, which we will edit and release as scheduled. 

Those who were responsible for this leak have been reprimanded and we are seeking additional damages through legal channels.  

With sincerest regards,

Backlot Studios