E: I went to the cabin and turned down the music.  He said hey. I asked if he wanted me to turn it off.  He said yes. I did. It was coming from a yellow ghetto blaster I think must be grady’s but I’ve never seen it.  It was dark. He came up behind me and he put his hands on me and he breathed in my ear and he touched me a lot and asked me why I wore white and I said I didn’t know.  He asked if he was going to marry me. I said I didn’t know. I was late so I put the C’s on my arm, I did 56 of them, which was the four of my fingers on my arm 14 times.  I showed him and he said I didn’t need 32 of them because he was late asking and I said I didn’t care.

E: He said we’re always dying.  That dying is a process of endurance itself, that all life is, and he wanted to know if I meant it that I wanted to be made of him and I said yes and he said that means being made of your last breath and I said okay and he said we can go to bed then.  I said we never use the bed and he said he knows but we can now. There was a game before and I don’t understand Brad like it was a game before being taught or told something and something happened inside me.

B: What happened?  Are you okay?

E: (crying) I don’t know I just wanted to belong to him and he said it made me wild and I don’t know what that means.  I’m scared.

B: Where are you?

E: I’m at home.  I’m scared that he didn’t do what he wanted to with me.  I put my blood on him. Is this just a Story of O thing?

B: Do you want me to come over?

E: (sobbing) He said he wanted to wear me.  I put my blood on him and my tears and my spit and stuff.  He talked a lot about how I fucked him. I’m really confused and I don’t want anyone to know what happened.