Rosie: Last night, Drama played radio host in the basement and I went to co-host.

He called it Radio Nowhere.

I said that's stolen and he said "I'm a big fan."

The first song he played was for Grady.

He has a really intense radio voice. He does this really low, sultry thing. It's sexy.

It basically sounds like he's trying to fuck the audience, which we all know he is.


Jack: I can totally picture that.


R: He played a song for Dean next. It was kind of threatening. Like "I'm coming for you, Mister."


J: Really? Why would he do that? Lol


R: Because he wants to have sex with him.


J: You think it'll work?


R: I think the point was that he was busy and couldn't hear it. Drama is terribly shy that way.

Then Joshua called in for advice about a girl.

But we know he was talking about Nicholas.


Evelyn: AWW


R: It was really sweet. He was like "I want to tell her how I feel but she's my best friend and I don't want to make it weird."


J: Awww. That's sweet.


E: My advice to you, caller, is make it weird.  As weird as possible.


R: YES!! And Drama was like "Just tell her right now. I'm sure she's listening. Just say it right out loud. It's that kind of night."


J: Drama is so great.


R: And Joshua goes "Girl, if you're out there, you know who you are. And I think you're just porno. Just pure porno. And we should do it. I'm in love with you."

And Drama wished him luck and played him a song about it.


E: Lol



R: It was so good.


E: Lol



R: Hahahahaa.


E: LolI can't breathe.




E: I.  Would hit that.




E: Not to mention I'm giving serious thought to replacing cool with porno.


R: And then Drama was like "I'm feeling pretty romantic right about now, so here's one for the girl on my lap."

Dude yeah.


J: Hahahaha


R: Joshua already has.


E: Lol


R: And we made out a bunch during the song he dedicated to me.

I'm making you guys the list as I tell you about it, just FYI.


E: Porno.


R: Hahahahaha.


J: Lol


R: Then he didn't interrupt for a couple of songs because we were still making out but he stopped to switch tapes.

And when he came back on, he said the night is starting to heat up and that last one was for all of you out there stuck inside and dreaming of someplace with a little more danger.

I think he was meaning Matthew.





R: Hahahahhahaa.




J: Lol


R: So hot.

Then Clyde called in and was mostly Bitter and sort snarling and said "Whaddaya got for somebody only comes out on Halloween?"

And Drama got off the phone and was like "We got all kinds of creatures of the night tonight. Here's one by Dracula himself." and played him Release the Bats.


E: Baby Love by the Supremes?

Oh, no.  Okay. Just kidding.


R: You're not far off from the next one.

Nick called in right after and was like "I need a song for the bloke called before on the shy girl."

And Drama was like "Oh, it's you. Well, hello, shy girl."

And Nick goes "Oh, come off it. Slow Hand, please. Pointer Sisters."


J: Aw hahah


R: It was pretty fucking romantic.

And then I requested the Corey Hart song as a dedication to the Angels. But I said to say it's for an anonymous person from an anonymous person.

Idk why I thought it was Asia. Weird.

Then Drama had a dedication of his own.

He said "This goes out to a girl who didn't ask, but still might want to know."


J: Aw. That's a sweet one. What was it?


R: I added it.


J: Who was it for? I can't listen to the whole thing, Spotify wants me to have an account.


R: He didn't say. And then he was like "Alright, it's time to get crazy." And he played Informer.


J: Hahaha typical.

Not to interrupt but I want to ask real quick, did you read what happened with Dean last night?


R: Yes.

It sounds really nice.


J: Okay. Just wanted to make sure it went through, I wasn't sure if it was too long.


R: Nope. If it were twenty pages, it wouldn't be too long.


J: It was really nice.

I like that you can send that much stuff here


R: Of course you can. Anything you want.


J: The wind chimes this morning played a melody that sounded super familiar but I couldn't place it.


R: The next song I have no idea why he played it because I was um. I was kind of preoccupying him.


J: Ooooooh.


R: I wonder if it was something to do with Dean.

The chimes.


J: That's what I was about to say!!


R: You should try to find the song today.

About three songs went by before he got back on the air.


J: I've been all over pandora trying to find something like it.

Damn, Rosie. You got him going.

Prouda youuuu

Yes I just sang that


R: Hahaha.

When he came back on, his mood was a little different. Darker. Weirder. More mischievous. He played In the Air Tonight saying nothing is going to be the same and asking the audience if they could feel that something about to happen.


E: Wait that's about me again.


R: Mhmmm. And then he was all hot blooded and turned on Billy Idol as loud as possible and started dancing.

And so I kind of took the helm and rocked some Quiet Riot.


E: Obvs.


R: :) And offspring.




R: Why you gotta keep em separated?


E: Lol

Still a good story.


R: Way.

I was surprised that Drama was dancing throughout all my songs and like still going strong so he was in the main room and I was in the office with the ham radio shit and just watching him from afar and I was like "I wonder if..."

And I put on Nightclubbing by Iggy Pop to see if he would um. You know, keep dancing.


E: Hm.


R: *blushy face*


J: Andddddddddd....


R: Well, he um. He kept dancing.

He stripped to just his pants, is the short version.


J: Was it a sexy stripper dance or just, dancing around and taking off clothes?


R: I would say somewhere in the middle. He didn't acknowledge me at all.

Then John called in and said they were just coming home and could I play something to wind down the evening. Something for a girl to put their head on a guy's shoulder to.

So I played Sincerely and Drama took a shower.


J: That's really amazing.


R: And then I got like the most fucked up I've ever been about Drama in my life while he was in the shower and so I played this one song that feels like him.

And then Matthew called in.

And he told me to play that one that he's been listening to over and over for Eve.

And I played it and it made me cry a bunch.


E: Huff.


R: It was really fucked up.

And I played I Just Died In Your Arms right after it.


E: Betuce you did.


J: Wow.


R: Word.

Drama came out of the shower during it and I could tell we were feeling the same things. We were really quiet inside and like super intense.

And he played As The World Falls Down.




R: Like a G. Like he fucking had that shit planned all night. He just hits play right after my song.


E: Lol


R: And as I'm listening, I'm getting pretty fucked up and I realize that I know the song that's married to this song. So I play it next.

And I'm pretty grateful that Grady came home just then because I was about to essentially attack Drama.

And Drama goes "HEY! WE HAVE BEEN PLAYING YOU SONGS ALL NIGHT! OMG DID YOU LIKE YOUR SONGS?" and Grady was like "Yes. You guys are stupid fun."

And I was basically clawing at Drama like a lunatic and Grady was like "My turn. I'll close out the night for you guys."


E: That was sweet of him.


R: Way.

And as you know, YOU called in to make a request for your dragons.


E: MY dragons she says.  Like I want them.


R: Hahahahaha. Evie said the song she wanted to hear has meant a lot of things to a lot of people but it means something new every time we have adventures together.


J: Lol, Eve.

What song is that?


R: It's called Keep The Streets Empty For Me by Fever Ray.

Then Grady played All You Need Is Love.

Which, by the way, Drama made me cum during and that was a WHOLE experience I don't know what to say about.

And then Grady said goodnight to everybody and that Radio Nowhere will return when you're least expecting it. And I think he realized what song All You Need Is Love is married to because he played Everybody Wants to Rule the World.


E: That's a nice one to be married to.


R: Yeah.

Totally porno.


E: Way.