Adam sighs.

Breadth. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. Hazy fog. Come a long way without

Something come along to threaten house and home better get there, Clyde. Better-get t/here. Lines in the road sways one way, one day and if it take two, Adam sighs. Adam sighs and the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Leviathan cries under that tree. Marcus with his knees threadbare.

The girl and the sea. Drivendive.

Here's how it happened.

Adam sighs. Keeps dreaming about a long haired thing out at BD. Screaming at the waves but ain't no waves inland that much miles. Don't know what to tell you. That's what I tell him when I know what I can't tell him. Keeps dreaming the same dream. There's a long haired thing out at Black Diamond.

It's screaming out at the waves. Long and terrible strings of black grease hangin on the shoulders of a bluewhite thing gonna kill us all. I know it's Matthew and he knows it's Matthew and Brad says it ain't gonna look like Matthew. Doesn't matter. We gotta go.

Got a secret. Theeeeeese walls, theeeeeese bones, theeeeese cracks, theeeeeese skies, if they're empty they're full with let's do a little regret. Too hard to climb so tie it to a chair n beat the shitoutofit. We think we're men but we're children, fox. Okay?

Hear you a mile or 711 miles away. Adam sighs. Where you goin, fox?

Up on them bluffs can't tell the difference tween you n Adam n th windsound. Why you gotta always pull me away from important businesses? Don't you know I'm a big man got big businesses? I got one name n you know how to say without sayin. Say it, fox girl. Call that wulph see sea palm scratch. That cliff is not your friend, honey.

Adam sighs n yer hair whips histories shake it from yer face blow back it's gonna rain maybe.



n Adam sighs.

Got your waist, got your life, got your eyes color of pale sheets dry by th sun. Warm your choke with Brad sittin low like Nick n Adam sighs. Brought you to th cabin on th cliff. Dry you warm. Read leviathan and listen to Adam sighin. Zion. Won't say.

Brad says she's pretty can we keep er?

Sure Brad.

We can keep er.


Adam sighs. I make em fergit n let yew remember. Sheets drying by th sun. That's you, Evie. Told everybody just this morning. Evie's some sheets dryin by the sun out on the line. Sureclydesure.

Come jumpin n I'll run, Fox. I love you. Thanks for countin on me.