As your unluck would have it, the train has only dismembered you but left you alive. My nurse is pregnant. She dyes her hair the color of a McDonald’s arch bleached from the sun. Who would do such a thing? If I weren’t begging for my own death, I’d request a different woman. But you deserve this, don’t you, you shit? The yellow hair in your mouth as you get read your last rites in the form of a wellness chart that has you leaving this palace of life in a matter of days. You’re going to live, you bastard. What of your crimes? Will that McNugget inside your nurse be made to endure what you’ve done to this filthy world?

Admit to your villainy. Do it here and now. Do it now, you thick pirate. Tell it to the page what you have done. You told a lie. I did do. I lied when I said to my darling Dean that he would never see his father again. I have meddled where I swore to my God I would never.

And the terrors, oh. The terrors of what has come and what will come. I have banished the rest of our days to Hell. This planet scalped and shook from it’s axis now, the sulfur crawling up the snatch of all which was once lovely as a silver morning. I don’t want to see all our churches crumble, I can’t bear it. Let me die.

Wilting in cowardice as fucking ever,