TRANSCRIPT of a reel recovered from the former site of Spahn's Movie Ranch after it was destroyed. Dated March 1st, 1969.

[A click begins the recording, followed by a muffled sound similar to clothing moving over the microphone, and then a man’s voice begins speaking at first softly, and then with growing strength].

It’s pretty dark now, and quiet here when almost everyone’s sleepin. [The man laughs]

Except for that buzzin in your head, but everyone kinda starts there… yeah, cuz it’s not about the buzz, it’s about biz. You spend your whole life hearin the buzz gettin louder the quieter you get cuz it’s tryin to tell you what a man needs is a new Ford and a record deal. But the biz is what makes the universe move, and the biz says the men who turn artistic expression into a vendable thing are evil, and so here in the place of angels we walk with evil men.

The biz if you listen right and turn down the buzz is gonna tell you that soon these hills are gonna be hives of people, hollowed out like hives, with a… with a compartment here and a… and a shoebox there, and I say to hell with that future. I don’t want that future, do you?

[A distant voice, female, vocalizes disapproval].

[The man laughs] No, me neither...  After all, isn’t life the greatest artistic expression? Isn’t a man who tells you to live here, buy this, man… sell that, fuck this, isn’t that man tellin you that you are not free to express the truth of your life?

And that truth is God-given. That truth is God-given, and what is God-given comes in only one form and that form… is love. Love is truth. Love’s expressions are truth. This - you know, I don’t mind tellin you - this is why I do not believe in slavery. Because expressin you life, livin your life, means freedom, as long as you’re doin what you want, you see what I’m sayin?

[Second male voice, unintelligible].

Yeah, yeah… but I wouldn’t do that, would I? I’m a loving God, and the Bible says, you know, there’s a give and take. That God will bless us as he also damns us. But if I possess my own… my own freedom… Then no God could take from me, and therefore I am God.

[Second male voice, unintelligible].

Then so are you also God, and so is she, and so is she, and so are they. To take your godliness, I would have to take your, your freedom. Your love. If you gave it to me, you’ve put your godliness into me, and if I’ve loved, I’ve given you mine. I’ve shown you… that you are free to express your life here. So we can get to the biz, and forget the buzz.

[There are several seconds of silence, then 3 distinct voices making statements which indicate a marijuana joint is being passed around].

...this place of angels. I can vouch for that because what’s an angel have? It’s not guilt, no, it’s a freedom from sin, they say. They say you can look an angel dead in the eyes and you can see they’re free from sin.

But I’m a man and I’m free from sin. I’m free from sin because a sin is just something the vendors tried to take from me and sell me back again! [Laughs]. Don’t screw, but screw this… this woman flyin in your airplane? Don’t drink… you know, don’t smoke grass, but Buy American! So… I don’t sin. I am free, and so I can’t sin because a sin is somethin which has been vended to me. So am I an angel, and a god, too?

[Woman’s voice mentions hell].

[Laughter]. Cathy, there is no God, except the one inside you. You - yeah, you - are full of God’s love. You’re a tool of God to give and share love and freedom.  So any thought in your head was put there by God, and not Satan.

People say Satan, they say the devil, they say evil but what they mean is fear. Your fears are in your Godhead, so why shun it? You fear that there’s no tomorrow, and you fear… all the shit you hear in the buzz bein true. You fear it just like anyone does, but see it’s God that wants you to hear it. He wants to keep you from this place of angels by… by givin you these little rat errands to think about and your wife and your job because that’s his freedom. His expression is truth and his expression is his love and so he wants us to be distracted, but it’s not the distractions he wants us to have. It’s the distraction. The distraction is what makes us express. It’s what makes love. See, men were born to adjust the volume of the buzz and focus on the biz, because the biz is free and the buzz is not. When you’re forced… see God forces us to look past this world and see the one beneath it.

If we were truly free - if there was no buzz - we would all be angels. Not his tools, but his agents of pure expression.

[A woman’s voice, possibly “What about harm?” or “Why would you harm?”]

Pain is free. To inflict it is your autonomous right as God. You are as free to distract as God is. You are as free to love in pain and turn love to hate. Because hate is a part of love. I see so much love endin in hate in the world because it’s all connected. My feelins, your feelins… see, from here, I’m lovin you Catherine, what are you doin?

[Woman’s voice, “Lovin you, Charlie]

And if I turned my love to hate?

[Woman’s voice, “I’d feel it. I’d love you but I’d feel it.”]

That’s because your love is my love. My hate is your hate. We’re all God. My pain is our pain, and someone’s death… death is ours, too.

[Long pause]

You know, I think we oughta start wakin people up for a readin or somethin, at least before the sun comes up. I think we could all go out together, don’t you? And watch the sun rise?