i honor your single soul and three skins a million mouths. i honor you. i always knew. tenderly i knew and i let you find it yourself as i will for every mile we travel together. as you have  done for me from the beginning of us.

i remember the day you gave birth clearer than any other i've lived. the day the castle was rebuilt and we were married. we would have the castle soon and all days were bright and night had no place with us and no place with me.

disbelief invites all things to come and prove themselves to you but you know that. i never know what i'm to be paying debts for anymore i just give and give. two steps forward and one step back. when the skies bathe the earth they do not cleanse it. it makes all dead things fester vigorously and lets all that lives rupture the ground to give it space to die later.

i don't expect trust in these types of matters is earned easily but to know you are consenting to steadfastness for our sake and hers is compelling. more than a compulsion. i have never made a treaty that didn't benefit her in one way or another. she destroys and creates worlds with her position beside me for always. i think we can help each other in honesty. there is love as i said and i don't deny you.