The metal door of the Midnight Room sits ajar and has been coated, twice for neatness, a primer gray. "No. 12" is painted on it prominently in a flowing and calligraphic hand. Half the walls inside are crowded with almost meaningless graffiti, and every other wall is mirrored, reflecting the frantic paint within. Table lamps on the floor create a million tricks of the light, transferring in prisms through the quicksilver into which even the furniture has been dipped. An abyss-like funhouse, no matter what time of day it is anywhere else, it's always Midnight in here. This is Gradient's room.


Gradient unzips his gently cracked leather jacket to reveal the veve of Papa Legba drawn in Sharpie, the symbol large enough to fill the chest of his crisp, white t-shirt. His brown skin shimmers soft in the low light of a single candle melting wax in a pool on the cinder block at his bedside. His eyes are black and forgiving, and his mouth is full and stern. With an attitude about him that brings to mind the fathers of your childhood friends, it's easy to see he has an ordered approach to problems, the way an older man would, although the youth of his face and the diamond studs in both of his earlobes belie his lack of years.


The spare parts of a motorcycle litter the floor of the Midnight room tonight. When he catches you eyeing them, Gradient tells you they speak to him, the parts. He says they feel sadness, wonder, and they scream with jealousy.

"The parts that make up my Bonneville are no different than the those which make up a person," he suggests.

He's going to make a mixtape, for his motorcycle, of all the songs she sings. You consider the items you touch everyday and what they might sound like, if you listened closer. Let an object tell you its life story and send your own mix to Grady on the subject.

The Midnight Room is a place we gather to spit theory and postulate about existence. Every idea and all debate welcome. Write a scene including the Gray Family and yourself connecting in this room or just write to Grady to rant. Submit your philosophies below.