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Adam and Brad: Easter in Trinidad. Rosie and Clyde witnessed.

Adam and Clyde: Malted, two straws.

Adam and Evelyn: Back to The Garden. Clyde presided.

Adam and Gradient: No one knows.

Adam and Nicholas: In a bathroom, pre-labor, one black eye.

Adam and Rosie: Over the phone, summertime.

Brad and Clyde: A closet in Shelter Cove. 

Brad and Dean: Cliffside at dusk. Bonfires. Family wore red.

Brad and Evelyn: Divorced 2015. Remarried 1945.

Brad and Jack: Night in a courtyard, 2013.

Brad and John and Evelyn: John's apartment, 18th birthday.

Brad and Nicholas: Carved BRAD into chest.

Brad and Rosie: Quik-Stop at night. Post-pie and Coca-Cola.

Clyde and Evelyn: Cliffside in the afternoon. Blue ribbon, yellow daisy.

Clyde and Gradient: Bottom of the world.

Clyde and Rosie: Three times since '98.

Dean and Jack: Unknown.

Drama and Evelyn: Under the tree house.

Drama and Rosie: End of the world, in her bed.

Evelyn and Gradient: In the hospital after a suicide attempt.

Evelyn and Matthew: On the moon in winter.

Evelyn and Nicholas: Underground, between the day and the night.

Evelyn and Rosie: Lost count.

Gradient and Jack: Engaged, broken off

Gradient and Rosie: In the basement.

Matthew and Jack: Picnic in the French countryside.

Matthew and Rosie: Black Diamond, lake.