By disaster or by design, you've ended up at Gray House. The House of Lovers, the only center point in all of existence where every thinkable and unthinkable dimension meets. The home of the 13 Gray Family members; a secret society of otherworldly misfits to which you belong and forgot that you did, over and over again.


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If you're wondering what to do next:

  • Download the Gray Book here. It's a great place to start.

The Gray Book is an introduction to Gray House but also a story happening inside the House perpetually. Through the book, you're given an in-depth tour and some seriously disturbing assignments, putting the fate of many Family members in your hands.

  • Send a letter or text message via Google Hangouts to any Gray Family member using their email addresses, found in Room Three.

Introduce yourself as if you've never met or pretend you've been here all along. All it takes to connect with a Gray Family member is saying hello. Ask them about their day.

  • Wander the Clock of Bedrooms at the bottom of every page. Each room is themed toward the inhabitant's obsession and contains at least one prompt for you to follow.

Exploring these rooms will undoubtedly have you exploring yourself, as through them, we ask big questions and expect creative, personal answers.

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This is where you keep your thoughts, Jack. It's full of your dreams and experiences and the letters exchanged with the entire Gray Family. All of the things it's important that you not forget. You know... again. Use the form below to submit to your journal.