The door to Room One looks freshly painted white over its simple style, common to suburban homes. It sits open to the softly lit and clean room clearly possessed by a little girl. The furniture inside is mauve with brass trim, in the mock Art Decco style of the late 80s/early 90s, stickers of rainbows and butterflies stuck low and inconspicuous to their sides. The bed is neatly made with a pink and purple, Laura Ashley standard floral print comforter, retaining the fluff of its Sears catalog origins. The ruffled bed skirt is stiff and happy. A pink plastic boombox sits atop the dresser in front of the poster of a very young Madonna. This is Joshua's Room.


Big, friendly men may occupy a room, but as the smile of all eternity, Joshua will seem bigger, and as always, friendlier. Compulsively clad is denim and flannel, a mess of curly hair is piled on top of his head and mimicks the whipped cream of a sundae. An instrument of God's folly and the humor which compels his wisdom, Joshua's huge arms surround those he comforts, too tightly and too warmly. Fearlessness beams from him, in confrontation of meaning in the dramas played out by the world and the comedies poorly timed by it. His grace is found in the turning of tears into laughter and back again.

A brass chest, defaced with nail polish spatters, sits at the foot of the cloud-like pastel bed and beckons to be opened. Its two latches come easily undone and inside are dozens of My Little Ponies, naked Barbies, a Playskool telephone with broken eyes, markers lost for their caps and drying out of their fruit scents, a plastic shopping cart, a tattered mess of Little Golden Books, Polly Pocket, and a Skip-It all sleeping in a settled knot. Joshua being a toy himself makes him most at Home in this fray.

Join in our Teddy Bear Wars!

The members of Gray House have hidden their most prized and holy objects (their teddy bears) in secret locations in various realities, dreams, and secret places. If you find one, it may contain knowledge, prizes, candy, sexually explicit memories, and much much more! Tell Joshua if you found one, and he'll tell you what's it's hiding!


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