By disaster or by design, you've ended up at Gray House. The House of Lovers, the only center point in all of existence where every thinkable and unthinkable dimension meets. The home of the 13 Gray Family members; a secret society of otherworldly misfits to which you belong and forgot that you did, over and over again.


Someone coming close to us means that we must grapple to reconcile the meta with the imaginary.  I have talked to Drama about his own creation because Drama exists beyond our creation of him and has no fear.  Given a little time, the divide between Gray House and the meta world the House exists in becomes unnecessary and then even obsolete.  Life can't really imitate the art here, or vice versa, because I wouldn't be able to pinpoint which was which.

                                          - Evelyn Waits

Below, you'll find a collection of blog entries meant specifically for you, Jack. Information on what Gray House is all about and how you can get involved with it, as well as definitions to words the Gray Family have re-purposed, and theory of all things make-believe.