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Gray House

Gray House is an experimental arts and literature movement wherein fictional characters come to life and interact with real people, together creating a vast, addictive, and darkly magical world of endless possibility.


Gray House

Gray House is an experimental arts and literature movement wherein fictional characters come to life and interact with real people, together creating a vast, addictive, and darkly magical world of endless possibility.

The broad shoulders of a plantation house are silhouetted against the moonlit swamp. A splintered wooden sign stuck in the mud at the mouth of the driveway marks your arrival: GRAY HOUSE. Around the House's title are various attempted mottos written in several hands, all scrawled in what looks like green Sharpie: In Nomine Amoris et Sanguine; Population: 69; Where Everybody Knows Your Name; Arbeit Macht Frei; You Must Be This Tall to Ride; ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK; Give Me Your Tired, Your Poor, Your Huddled Masses Yearning to Breathe Free; I'm a Toys-R-Us Kid; UNDER CONSTRUCTION.

Gray House is a subscription-based, artistic experiment which connects you to the sprawling fantasy world of the fictional Gray Family, a secret society of otherworldly outcasts. By becoming a member, you will enter the lives of the Family and influence their misadventures through a maze of shifting reality and unending mystery.

This experience is intended for everyone who has ever wanted to live inside of the arts and literature they love.

The architecture is disjointed and anachronistic. You can tell where it has been remodeled, updated, or forgotten. The estate, once poised elegantly on the edge of the bayou, is now comfortably vacant and set into the earth. The rise of a certain way of life now stuck in time and forever decaying, the debutante wilting after sloughing off her petticoat and corset. The side of the House has Evelyn's name burned into it (care of Matthew) on a massive scale. This place has survived a hundred hurricanes, making it a safe place to weather more of them.

You remember this place. If not from a dream, then some déjà vu that makes you think you might be the only person who knows about it.

The lights in the windows are all different, making the front of the House into a kind of patchwork. The lights flanking the front door are warm and inviting while those from the upper floors become cooler by degrees, emulating rooms you know, from the harsh white bathrooms of shitty apartments to the soft rainbow of a nightlight. The 60-watt familiarity of every house you grew up in calls to you from the windows of Gray House, beckoning you to your sanctuary.

It doesn't look like much, but it's a hefty inheritance. Just as Gray House is Hotel California, it's also the house in horror movies slated for bulldozing or ruined by fire sparked by all it's magic. You can be sure it has been saved from those thousand destructions just for you. Welcome Home, Jack.

Not ready to come home yet?

You can just visit your room or buy the Gray Book for a tour, if you're not ready to move back in.


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The Foyer

The dashboard of Gray House. Most recent updates, calendar for scheduled events, and Song of the Day.

The Foyer

The dashboard of Gray House. Most recent updates, calendar for scheduled events, and Song of the Day.

Welcome home, Jack.

The giant front door is gray-washed wood splintering along cracks in the plane of its face. The silver knob is loose, and gently, it turns in our hands. The front door of the House gives with a popping and creaking so loud, it's as if it's never been opened before now. The light from within is a bath as dim as it is warm.

The Foyer of the House is flanked by a set of grandly sweeping spiral stairs on either side of the entryway that leads into a formal sitting room inside which a television is playing Golden Girls reruns on mute. Bea Arthur's face scrunches sour at the expense of Betty White, splashing soft blue light on the walls to the familiar sound of clanging pots from the kitchen beyond.

Be mindful that the dates of our most recent posts may range from Year Zero to present and just because you're seeing updates from 600BC, it doesn't mean they weren't written yesterday.

The interior of this floor of the House is dressed in the drab paint of an undecided shade, and the floors are splintered and worn of their whitewash in footpaths connecting each doorway and archway. The air within smells like cooking oil embedded into damp wood, something herbaceous lurking beneath the tattered fabrics of the House's original furniture, never reupholstered. The light from the inconspicuously placed lamps is dusty and cloyed with the feel of old money and older secrets.


Of the many mixes made this week, this one was listened to more than the others.


THere have been complications caused by Bacchanalia which have pitched much of the house in complete disarray. a sacrifice was demanded, a secret uncovered, and A formerly demolished wing of the house has come back from the dead. Needless to say, we have experienced some delays in bringing you the confessions of the last 2 weeks' events. Joshua has been attempting to confess, but we can't find the confessional and adam has said he is now a priest. Please bear with us while our lives are reshuffled. If you would like to help, please text any one of us as we try to sort this out. Around the Clock Audio Update coming soon.


ADAM'S 2018 Summer Assignment is now available in the Laboratory

A small closet beneath the stairs is standing open, the contents strewn carelessly across the floor of the otherwise impressive entrance. Old board games, umbrellas, a bicycle, a set of shackles, stacks of antique pornographic magazines, a box of pixie stix, and a plastic gallon of unspecified liquid.


On the wall between the staircases is an enormous, disturbingly morose painting of Nicholas, in clean tweed, having just come back from an extensive hunting excursion, circa 1812. He sits on a throne of purple velour over ornately carved gold, delicately pinching a fully bloomed lily in his pale and elongated fingers.

REMINDER: None of these events are static in time or space, they all occur perpetually and everywhere. So, if you’ve missed an event, you can go back in time to experience it. It’s never too late to write about it or engage us about it. Nothing expires. We are endless.

The Ghost Boy of Gray House has been fiddling with the website again. Should some of your favorite pages be moved or rearranged at random, don't be surprised, but don't complain to us either. Just consider it all part of the whole being caught in an endless maze of shifting time and space thing.

Want more updates? You can find everything in one place and organized by date, room, and who's involved here.