hi Nick. no.

Nick? no.

dear Nick,  ...no.

Nick. where in the flying fuck do i start.

i’m fascinated by you. i know nothing about you, you hide in that dark corner. i don’t want you to hide there anymore. i want you to let me feel you, the way i can feel the others. i don’t know if it’s because Eve told you to stay away, or if you’re uncomfortable, or shy, but i’m not. i’m ready for everything that’s happening and that is going to continue to happen.

i’d like to be able to recognize you when you’re around. i’m getting better at recognizing Clyde, Adam is always recognizable, Brad is still a bit of a mystery to me. you, however, have been stuck in my head. i won’t try to drag this out, but i want you to know, i enjoy company. even if you’re in the other room, let me feel you, please. it would be a comfort to me.

i’m going to have to start smoking in the garage more often, if you’re more comfortable there. i can even turn the light off for you, if you promise to ask me to.

i might even love you.

-jack. or Jackie. or Jacqueline. anything you’d like.