hi L.

i don’t think i’ve written anything directly to you yet. i think little blurbs in my journal have been for you, but i don’t know if i’ve taken the time to write to just you. i know you’ve been super busy and i love everything that you’ve shown me that you’re coming out with. i think it’s all beautiful and i don’t want to interrupt you while you’re working so i thought a letter would be a nice break for you.

nothing all too exciting has happened. well, things with Brad, but i’m sure you know about almost all of that. when we spoke on the phone earlier, i was on cloud nine to be hearing your voice. i wished i had more to tell you and thinking back on it now, i didn’t talk enough about the positives that have happened as well. i did tell you how amazing Eve was, like you didn’t already know, but i wanted to thank you for introducing me to her. i really wish i knew what i was missing when you were in my closet, L.

the more i hear from you, the more i learn from you, the more i think about you, the bigger my heart gets and i can feel my brain get stronger. i am having to face some difficulties but i don’t worry about being unable to handle them now. what you have introduced me to and what you’ve said to me has changed my life. by you, i mean you and everyone else. i love you for everything you are, everything you have been, and everything you will be.

that’s all, i think. for now.