Evelyn Waits and Improvisation Room have been living the dangerous experiment that is Gray House every day, all day since January 1st, 2013. Their make believe world contains at least a dozen characters and hundreds of sub-characters which they play for each other in person and internet readers in text. They live together in Reno, Nevada where they plan to be married in 2019.

To begin understanding Gray House and the girls behind it, a great place to start would be to read the blog entries entitled Gray House Explained and Regarding Evelyn. Once you have, any other entries in the Courtyard should shed more light all the time. This experiment isn't the easiest to explain, but the girls are always willing to answer questions or write on specific topics if suggested.

Taking efforts to ensure a level of realism for their readers is very important to them, as the Gray Boys might as well be real for the daily impact they have on Rosie and Evelyn. This includes but is not limited to blurring any clues which might give away which one of them wrote which piece by which Gray Boy and simultaneously playing the part of the same Gray Boy while in live chat with a reader.

The characters of the Gray Family, as well as every piece of writing found on the Gray House website, and all associated social media accounts are written by and copyrighted by Evelyn and Rosie (unless specified to be authored by Jack B. Nimble or otherwise).

This blog entry will be periodically updated with more information about the girls, what they do, and how they do it. If you have any questions for Rosie or Evelyn with regards to their process or anything else about how Gray House works behind the scenes, feel free to email them at grayhousemain@gmail.com.